Multiple Process/Application Instances

I am running GNOME 3.22.2 on a recently installed Debian 9 system.  When
I have a process, an xterm or emacs for example, in one workspace and
then switch to another workspace and click on the emacs or xterm icon, I
get kicked back to the first workspace.  I did discover that if I do
that to an xterm a little dropdown appears at the screen top.  When I
select the dropdown the menu item "new" appears among others, and when I
select it I get a new xterm instance.  However, I stilll have to drag it
over to an empty workspace indicator in the workspace list in order to
get the new xterm where I want it.

I recall having this problem in my Debian 8 laptop a couple of years
ago, but I found a menu entry for "classic GNOME" somewhere, and when I
enabled it I got the desired behavior -- I could spawn as many instances
of a terminal, emacs, or whatever as I wanted.  How can I get similar
sane behavior with GNOME 3?

Thank you.

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