Gnome 3 keybindings in source ? Where are ctrl-c … (cut, copy and paste) defined?

Hi all,

After upgrading and got last version of Gnome+Wayland, it kind of mostly broke Autokey (even login with Gnome3 on Xorg). After so much time spent trying to get Command+c to copy instead of Control+c (i use a Mac keyboard and frequently switch computers), i am at a point where i am about to get rid of Gnome 3 altogether, just because it does not allow me to redefine Cut Copy and Paste keyboard shortcuts. Those who like me spend most of their time working in Terminal will understand.

I think my last chance is simply to edit the source code (Gnome3, Wayland, or wherever this is) and recompile the package, but i searched and searched and was unable to find where the keyboard shorcuts or keybindings were set !

Does anyone here knows, or has pointers ?

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