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Dear Gnome3 Sirs:

First, a little history.
A couple of days ago, the website poped up in my PC just when it had just booted. Because of this (or maybe not, maybe it was just a fluke) I could not surf the internet for several minutes for the first time in years. I had to turn off the modem-router and restart it and reboot my machine and finally, the internet connection was restored again.

I can see you are promoting Gnome3 and so I have decided to send you this mail. I have been a loyal fan of Gnome for more than a decade. I went through Gnome2 and suffered Gnome3 without abandoning G3. But it's clear that some things that anger the Geeks are true. The last was the brilliant idea of removing from Nautilus context menu the "Permanently Delete" item and forcing us all to send the garbage to the "trash" or to learn to use the horrible Nautilus Actions (at least its very badly designed UI).

At that point, I seriously thought of abandoning gnome and I almost did it, were it not because on the web I found out that on next versions of the desktop "Permanent Delete" item had been returned to the menu.

Second, a suggestion.
I agree that it is important to avoid that inexperienced people can make mistakes on the desktop, but Gnome people should also think about the power users who need to get things done. That's why I propose that the "innovations" in the desktop, instead of locking out experienced users, ease the way to them with the tweak tool or something similar. In order to be able to improve the tools available to the experienced users while protecting, at the same time, newcomers from making costly mistakes.

Third: a promise.
If gnome comes up with another "grace" like deleting a menu item as useful as "permanently delete" I promise that I will switch to Cinnamon or Kde.

Thank you.

Daniel R. Avalos

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