Calendars, events, sending and revoking invitations?


looking to permanently move away from Thunderbird, I wonder whether
there are "stock" GNOME tools to support dealing with calendars and
invites the way in example Thunderbird or MS Outlook manage to do. What
I want:

(1) use remote calendars (Google Calendar, CalDAV on ownCloud servers)

(2) set meetings and send out invitations

(3) delete meetings (and make sure all previously invited participants
are notified)

(4) use shared calendars on the server.

So far, Evolution seems closest to what I need, except for that the way
of creating and sending out invitations is pretty clumsy compared to
Thunderbird, and for (3) I have yet to find a way to make it work at

So to ask: Are there other means of achieving this in GNOME? I see
there's GNOME calendar, but I failed to find a way how to invite
anything to any dates I entered in there. Am I doing something wrong
here, or is this out of scope of the calendar app? 

TIA and all the best,

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