gnome-terminal - cannot cut&paste between gnome-terminals on separate screens

I rely heavily on dual monitors with many terminal windows and workspaces.  For many years (since SunOS4 I 
think) I've configured dual monitors as independent screens (i.e., :0.0 and 0:1).  From within a terminal on 
one screen I could open a new terminal displayed on the other screen, and cut&paste worked seamlessly across 
any terminals. Since I moved from Centos6 to Centos7, this seems to be a real challenge.

With the latest Centos7 and gnome-terminal, cut&paste works fine amongst gnome-terminals on the same screen. 
However, it does not work at all amongst gnome-terminals on separate screens.

I noticed this does not apply to some other apps I tried. For instance, cut&paste works fine across screens 
for firefox and openoffice. Cut&paste FROM other apps into a gnome-terminal on a different screen also works, 
while cut&paste TO other apps from a gnome-terminal does not.

I installed xterm and it seems to work fine, but I'm hoping to avoid going back to it.

I think this is related to gnome-terminal as opposed to my graphics driver (NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-352.63) or 
window manager (XFCE4).

Have any other dual screen users experienced this issue?


Tod Sandman
Sr. Systems Administrator
Office of Information Technology
Rice University

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