GNOME Chat and the future of instant messaging in gnome

Hello again,

This is an issue that perhaps has been discussed before, but apparently it is not a priority for gnome developers.

Instant messaging has become commoditized much in mobile devices with applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, Line, etc. left behind to classic protocols.

Moreover, apparently to developing Empathy I stayed stopped, and in some respects outdated - like gtalk module -. It is not well integrated with current gnome design standards and seems not to want to modernize new principles 0f messaging (this is my appreciation). When compared to Polari -irc chat- is a big change that I would look to use protocols such as XMPP/jingle, SIP and yahoo IM in the proposed gnome-chat app.

And why not think about the implementation of other protocols such as Telegram. Telegram is found in many devices, it offers a great experience in text/audio messaging and this protocol is completely open source (in the future will support audio calls).

WebRTC seems another option, although it seems very difficult to provide webrtc protocol an application. See:

¿Gnome chat it is developing, there are chances of seeing a technical preview in GNOME 3.20?


Bastián Díaz

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