Unify appmenu behavior - enabled by default, in not-gnome desktop environments

Hi, this is a subject that wanted to propose due to the latest updates of appmenu behavior on gnome 3.18.1.

As user choice, or in gnome-classic-session can disable appmenu top panel with gnome-tweak-tool, it helps to include a version of the menu within the application window, Unfortunately, each application - apparently - has its own implementation. For example compare gedit, gnome-documents and file-roller.

In some cases it may be due to lack of proper implementation and this affects the use of gnome applications on not-gnome desktop environment.

Is it possible for developers to determine a standard/recommendation/implementation to achieve consistency in the behavior of appmenu (inside the application window)?

Is it possible that the appmenu inside the window is activated automatically in not-gnome desktop environments (xfce, kde, etc).?


Bastián Díaz

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