Re: GNOME Chat and the future of instant messaging in gnome

On 13/11/15 17:57, Charles Johnson wrote:

The current telepathy-resiprocate project uses the sipXtapi media stack
and only enables voice. Changing to the libjingle media stack and using
it for video support would give the same video codecs supported in
WebRTC, including WebM for HD quality. This would interact with
browsers directly without requiring any server to transform the media

Is there any current application that can do that? If so, I have not seen any promotion.

If that application is Jitsi unfortunately is a consuming system resources.

Yes, Jitsi can almost do that

I've proposed a session in the FOSDEM desktops dev-room[1] where we
could discuss some of these issues in person and I could demonstrate
what I've been working on with Telepathy.  Is anybody else interested in
participating in such a session?

We also have a Real-Time Communication dev-room[2] but I thought that
something like this belongs in the Desktops dev-room because it really
has to be accepted by the desktop developer communities or there is no
point working on it.

If there is a GNOME stand at FOSDEM or if GNOME is participating in any
other stand then it could also be interesting to demo Empathy video
calling from the GNOME stand to the Real-Time lounge.  We have done this
in previous years with other projects too.




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