Re: GNOME Chat and the future of instant messaging in gnome

> SIP:  ReSIProcate is a recent project that enhances SIP support and plans to be used with Telepathy:

This actually offers an opportunity to leap-frog many of the other
clients.  There are two parts to this:

a) get reSIProcate working with Telepathy: this brings the benefit of
having a well-maintained SIP stack, with comprehensive support for
things like IPv6 and TLS (other SIP stacks don't cover those very well)

b) adapting reSIProcate itself to use libjingle as the media stack.
This will let it inter-operate with WebRTC, e.g. anybody in a browser
will be able to call a GNOME desktop user.

The combination of these things will make it work reliably in many more
situations and make a very, very compelling solution.  E.g. the TLS
support helps get SIP through NAT and the WebRTC media stack has many
ways to get the audio and video through NAT.

Hundreds of millions of people have already updated their browsers to
versions that support WebRTC, being able to interact with them directly
from GNOME would be amazing.

SIP seems to be a good alternative replacement for Skype.

ReSIProcate has a similar to OTR for secure conversations?

Is it possible video calls in HD quality?


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