Re-mapping a hardware button?

Good day Gnomes, 

I'm using Fedora 20 x64 with Gnome 3 on a machine with a hardware button that defaults to locking/unlocking screen rotation. However this button's function is quite useless since the gyro/accel driver isn't working on my machine. 

After digging a little, I found that the hardware button is mapped to the key combo "Super+O", but I am unable to override the default lock/unlock icon by setting a custom shortcut in the Gnome keyboard settings that binds this key combo to a script that rotates the screen instead. 

So my question is - can I re-map the hardware button to trigger a different key combo (e.g. "Super+R") that allows me to bind my rotation script as a custom shortcut in Gnome keyboard settings? The net effect I want to achieve is that when I press the hardware button, it executes my rotation script. 

Many thanks, 

Hugh Tay 

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