Gnome (wheezy) questions: Language setting, speech synthesis, visually impaired user


I'm trying to configure a laptop (Debian wheezy) for a visually impaired
user, who speaks Spanish. I'm not sure, which desktop to install for her,
so I tried the default (Gnome). It's been some time, that I tried Gnome,
so I'm a little bit stupid with it:

1. How to configure the language (Spanish)?

I tried it with "System Settings" -> "Region and Language" -> "+" ->
"Select a language" -> "Spanish" -> "Select". Now "Spanish" appears twice
in the list. I logged out and in again, as suggested by the settings dialog,
but only the clock in the middle of the upper black bar seems to be in
Spanish ("mar" = "martes"/Tuesday), everything else is still in English.
I tried multiple times, but so far no success. "es_AR.UTF-8" is a valid
locale on the system, btw. Do I need to install a language pack for Gnome?

2. How to configure speech synthesis for login and logout?

It seems, that neither the login (lightdm) nor the logout dialog (Gnome
shell?) "talks to me". When I'm logged in, Orca talks to me (in English).
Would this work with gdm and/or do I need to configure anything for this?

Thanks in advance!

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