Properties on custom pygtk widgets in Glade.

I am trying to write a custom widget which is integrated in Glade - i.e. so it show in the palette, and I can set all the properties etc.

The widget is written in python. I have read the documentation here : and with a lot of trial and error i have a widget in Glade which shows some basic properties in the Glade GUI, but now Glade complains that my widget doesn't have properties - until I can get Glade to set the properties correctly, I don't stand a chance writing the rest of the widget.

I assume I have to do something special either in  my python module, or in the catalog, so that the Glade GUI can find them the property methods.

To be honest the documentation is pretty poor - examples are scarce, concepts (like adaptors) are introduced, but never explained), so It has taken a lot of trial and error even to get to where I am.

I hope that someone can help me.

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