Re: Guidelines for the global app menu

On Wed, 2013-11-20 at 13:02 +0100, Klaus Reimer wrote:
gcalc: Has no window menu. It only has a global app menu which also
contains window-specific stuff. Switching the mode to "scientific" for
example doesn't affect the application, it affects the current active
window (And there can be multiple calculator windows). Is this covered
by some gnome guideline or is this just laziness because the gcalc
developers didn't had any other place for this window-specific mode
gnome-calculator was changed into a single-window app when the app menu
was added. That was subsequently reverted, leading to the mess you see
now.  Obviously it needs to be fixed.

Nautilus Enter Location also needs removed I think; I filed [1]

Anyway this topic keeps coming up because it has never been properly
addressed. There are some (insufficient) guidelines for app menus at
[2].  Developers kind of make up their own (look at Evince for a
particularly interesting interpretation).

You might find [3] both informative and inconclusive.



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