Guidelines for the global app menu


I'm here to ask if there are any guide lines for what stuff should be
listed in the global app menu and what stuff should go into the window
menu. I want to check if my personal opinion about how this global app
menu should be used matches the idea of Gnome.

A few examples of existing applications:

gedit and gnome-terminal: In my opinion the usage of menus is perfect.
Each window has its own menu with window-specific stuff in it and the
global app menu has entries for opening a new window, settings, help,
info and quit (Which closes all windows). That's exactly how I would
expect the menus to be used.

gcalc: Has no window menu. It only has a global app menu which also
contains window-specific stuff. Switching the mode to "scientific" for
example doesn't affect the application, it affects the current active
window (And there can be multiple calculator windows). Is this covered
by some gnome guideline or is this just laziness because the gcalc
developers didn't had any other place for this window-specific mode setting?

nautilus: Again no window menu but window-specific stuff in the global
app menu ("Enter location" for example) which only affects the currently
active window. Again, is there some guideline/rule which explicitly
allows this menu entry in the global app menu?

Or are there simply no guidelines and developers can decide for
themselves how to use the two menu types even when this results in
inconsistencies in the gnome apps?

Klaus Reimer <>
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