Custom keyboard settings

I've just come back to Gnome after being away for over a year[1].
I've found some things have improved since then and I've decided to
give Gnome another try.

Since I last used Gnome I've moved back to my native Sweden and
Swedish keyboards have a layout that isn't at all convenient for
programmers.  Earlier, when using LXDE+LXDM, I had a setup where I
modified the keymap using a per-user XKB configuration via ~/.xprofile
[2].  However, now I find that this scheme no longer works.  GDM
*does* source ~/.xprofile, but something, I don't know what, undoes my
careful modifications afterwards.

How should I go about making this kind of custom modifications to the
keymap when using Gnome/GDM?


[1]: gnome org/msg04384.html

Magnus Therning                      OpenPGP: 0xAB4DFBA4
email: magnus therning org   jabber: magnus therning org
twitter: magthe     

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