Re: Kerberos Access

tor 2012-12-20 klockan 11:23 -0500 skrev Adam Tauno Williams: 
openSUSE 12.2 x86_64 gnome-shell-3.6.2-1.2.x86_64

I access resources in an Active Directory domain from my laptop.  What
is the best way to manage Kerberos tickets from GNOME3?  I has assumed
there would be a Kerberos "online account", but that isn't available.  

Adding Kerberos to 'the system' via YaST does not work well as it is my
laptop and that assumes my account == my AD account.

Debian have a ticket refresh tool but that thing (in the case of Debian)
doesn't work with gnome3 shell.

Personally i'm using NFS4 and Kerberos to authenticate access.

DConf doesn't coexists nicely with NFS4 (DConf is heavily dependent upon
directly-attached storage semantics, which Linux NFS4 doesnt have.)
In this case my machine CPU peaks heavily (AMD x86_64) for at least 2
minutes in the login.

LegacyGNOME and KDE4 works well in the same situation.

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