Re: A Letter to the Developers, and anyone else involved in creating GNOME.

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Did you try the free nouveau driver?

GNOME is a free software project, and while we do realize that some of our
do end up using proprietary software for various reasons, we neither promote
such software nor do we want to be held hostage by restrictions imposed by

It is like being between the devil and deep blue sea. The only real solution is
to not buy such hardware, or help reverse engineer the driver.

> Furthermore, in the case of Windows and OS X, I hate it when my computer
> suspends because I closed the lid.

Do you dislike it because suspend does not work with the proprietary Nvidia

Apart from broken drivers there are 2 conflicting use cases for closing the lid
of a laptop. One is where you are done working for the day and want to put
your laptop in your bag and rush out to catch the bus / train home. The other
is where you closed the lid to run to the meeting next room.

For the first case, the laptop must suspend (unless you have powered it off).
Otherwise it will heat up and melt inside your bag.

For the second case, the laptop should not suspend because that breaks network
connections. So you get disconnected from IRC, Jabber, etc..

Both are important use cases and they conflict with each other. The reason
we don't want to add an extra knob in the System Settings to turn off suspend
for this is that we don't think it is good to have the user tinkering with her
System Settings multiple times during the day -- meetings during the day and
going home in the evening.

Since having your laptop melt is much worse than getting disconnected from the
network, we chose the default to address that. We are still searching for a
good way to solve the second use case. In the meantime, here is a fun little
application that uses a timer to inhibit the suspension:

There could also be a GSettings key to change the behaviour. I don't remember.

> I also hate it when my computer commences with a power operation after some
> predetermined amount of time, regardless of the fact that I may be playing
> music, watching a long video, copying hundreds gigabytes of data, uploading
> data, downloading a file or any of the other things I do on my computer
> that take some time.

Applications are supposed to inhibit the suspension. eg., Totem does it while
you are watching a movie, but the Flash plugin does not. Please file bugs
against the applications.

> At one point in my life, I used my computer as an
> alarm clock, visiting before I went to sleep and being
> awakened by its awful, but effective, alarm in the morning. Of course, I
> didn't want the screen on all night long, so I would set the screen timeout
> to 3 hours.

You can try GNOME Clocks. It is a brand new application meant to provide an
alarm clock among other things.

> While you may have already figured this out, when I press the power button,
> I want my computer to ask me what to do(you may provide this option in the
> settings, but I am not sure). I also want the same functionality available
> to me in the status menu(I know I can install an extension for this, but it
> is glitchy).

From 3.6, the status menu does have Power Off entry which does that. Prior to
that you could configure your physical power button to do that. It used to be
in the System Settings. Later it was removed from the UI, but you can still
set it using gsettings or gnome-tweak-tool.

> Lastly, these are quite truly feature requests, not bug reports. My
> computer is not totally unusable under GNOME, but the absence of these
> features and the benefits they provide has annoyed me in ways very few
> things can.

Thanks for your email. Most GNOME developers and designers rely on IRC as the
primary mode of communication. You are welcome to join #gnome-hackers,
#gnome-design, etc. on


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