A Letter to the Developers, and anyone else involved in creating GNOME.


Before you dismiss this as another hate letter regarding GNOME 3, let me
stop you. I like the new UI, I like it a lot. I support the decision to
remove the minimize/maximize buttons from application title bars. I also
enjoy the removal of those icons from the desktop. But despite all of these
new and wonderful things, I have switched to KDE.

Why? The System Settings.

When I pick up a laptop, regardless of whether it uses Windows, Linux, or
OS X, the first thing I do is modify the power settings. Why? Like a large
portion of Linux users, my laptop uses a graphics card by NVIDIA(the
company Mr. Torvalds told to F*** off) and I often experience complications
with options like Hibernate and Suspend that usually result in the need to
power cycle the computer to use it again.

Furthermore, in the case of Windows and OS X, I hate it when my computer
suspends because I closed the lid.

I also hate it when my computer commences with a power operation after some
predetermined amount of time, regardless of the fact that I may be playing
music, watching a long video, copying hundreds gigabytes of data, uploading
data, downloading a file or any of the other things I do on my computer
that take some time. At one point in my life, I used my computer as an
alarm clock, visiting onlineclock.net before I went to sleep and being
awakened by its awful, but effective, alarm in the morning. Of course, I
didn't want the screen on all night long, so I would set the screen timeout
to 3 hours.

While you may have already figured this out, when I press the power button,
I want my computer to ask me what to do(you may provide this option in the
settings, but I am not sure). I also want the same functionality available
to me in the status menu(I know I can install an extension for this, but it
is glitchy).

I do not think these are difficult features to implement(Though I have no
experience to back up my hypothesis.), rather I feel like they are options
that were deemed useless. I think that in a settings dialog, few options
are ever useless, and that the best aid to simplicity is good help
available in the dialog.

Lastly, these are quite truly feature requests, not bug reports. My
computer is not totally unusable under GNOME, but the absence of these
features and the benefits they provide has annoyed me in ways very few
things can.

バージェス ジョナサン

Burgess, Jonathan
Burger King #5562 - P.O.S. Configuration Manager

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