Re: New system - need help with <alt-tab>


I don't have a solution for you, Robert. Rather I'm also trying to
figure out how to get my beloved <alt-tab> behaviour set up correctly
in GNOME 3 (which I consider to be very preeettttyyy!).

I'd like <alt-tab> which behaves, so to say, the most stupid. I don't
want any special features. We have this 2x2 matrix of features ('with
grouping/all workspaces', 'without grouping/all workspaces', 'with
grouping/current workspace', 'without grouping/current workspace') and
my personal preference is the most stupid one: 'without grouping' and
'only show windows on current workspace'; i can work most productive
with that combination.

So far I couldn't find any extension which allows me to do
this. Actually I also don't want any fancy 'preview thumbnails' or
huge application icons in the middle of the screen while I cycle
through my windows. Simply focusing the windows would be perfect for

After having done some more research I figured out that what I might
be looking for is not <alt-tab> but rather <alt-esc>. It seems to be a
minimalistic version of <alt-tab>. It simply focuses windows, doesn't
do any grouping and restricts the window list to the current
workspace. But the thing is: it is behaving SO strange on my GNOME
3.4, it's almost unusable for me. It draws huge black borders on the
windows while I'm cycling through them. They are very black and very
thick and I don't think they look particularly pretty. But even worse:
quite often, actually most of the time, these black frames do not
match the actual position of the windows! It seems to be displaced by
approx. two centimeters! I can make a screenshot in case that's

I would be very happy about some ideas!

Thank you very much,

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