New system - need help with <alt-tab>

I killed my old system (f16) with a bottle of pepsi last week at IEEE 802 :( Was rather interesting to do my 'slides' on paper and run off copies at the business center!

Well I have a new system; basically the same Lenovo x120e, but with the duo core. I installed f17 and have been rsyncing files off the old drive onto this system. Most importantly my mail folders!

But the joy is getting Gnome 3 customized. I did NOT do a good job of note taking last time around with f16. I have one critical challenge for right now and that is <alt-tab> behavor. I did install gnome-shell-extension-alternate-tab, but this seems to have made things worst. Now it just lists ALL of my tasks and switches me between workspaces install of <alt-tab> ONLY in the current workspace.

So what do I still need to add. Right now with the way <alt-tab> is behaving, I am better off with the default. But I DID have it working rather well on the old system. Just have to learn the right tools to install and the right magic selections.

Thanks for your help.

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