Re: slow gnome-settings-daemon

fre 2012-01-06 klockan 17:22 +0100 skrev Stefan Skoglund:
> I'm running gnome-shell from Debian's wheezy but the performance is not
> so good (the machine is lagging.)
> For some reason gnome-settings-daemon takes all the cycles it can take.
> I'm accessing the home folder over NFS4.
> No, i haven't done dist-upgrade from squeeze instead i'm installing
> wheezy versions via apt.
> Is the poor performance of gnome-settings-daemon over nfs4 something
> well known ?

I took a look at this with gdb and lo and behold:
it was a long running loop inside the gnomekbd plugin
so i broke gnome-settings-daemon (renamed the .so files inside

Now other things dont work so well but it is things which i can live
with for now (trouble unlocking the session is one example.)

Regarding the bug:
it is maybe a Debian and IA65 specific bug inside libgnomekbd.

Something in the tool chain breaks causess problems.

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