Query regarding "gnome-mag" package

Hi all.

I have been trying out various screen-magnifier option in F17-gnome, and came across "gnome-mag".
I installed it, and it fulfills my primary requirement of "having clicks recognised in magnified mode".

However, two queries ::

I notice that I can scroll through the magnified window by mouse-pointer movement. This makes it impossible to  view  the "hidden" window, for applications that hav no which no scrollbars.

As per the man page

"If present, the Region Of Interest (ROI) for the magnifier can be driven by a screen reader via the Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface (ATSPI); otherwise, the magnifier will be centered to the pointer position."

Is this the reason? If yes, how can I install ATSPI?

Secondly, the man page also says,  that

"the magnifier will have a better performance and  functionality when the Damage and Fixes extensions are present."

How can I install such extensions?

Will be thankful for any replies, as it seems that then my hunt might be over finally !! :)


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