how to disable automounting of given partitions in gnome?

Hello gnome users:

I am new to this list as I don't use gnome desktop frequently.
Since many programs use gnome/gtk libraries and widgets
(eg. as file chooser) I have gnome (2.28) installed.

My problem is:

I ran nautilus file manager or gnome-control center (can't recall which one)
in my KDE3 session. Since that whenever I login to my KDE3 session
some partitions are mounted automatically. These partitions should not
be mounted as in my fstab the the options for these partitions are follows:
"noauto,users". According to this the given partitions should be mounted
only for the user's request.  If I login as other user the given partitons are not mounted. 

Once more, I think gnome causes somehow this behavior as it did not occur before I used nautilus/gnome control center.

How could I turn this automatic mounting off? Why gnome does not
respect fstab options, especially in a KDE3 session?



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