More Image Options Please

As a themer one thing I noticed was the lack of image options that we
had in gtk2, the shell is pretty much there but gtk3 is missing quite a
Here is my wish list as a themer.
I know there adding border-image which is great, now it should be pretty
much the same as the shell for theming.
some things I find missing.
Since this is in css it would be nice to have these options for images.
repeat no-repeat (I know you can do this in border-image but it would be
nice to have this option in background-image as well).
Some might ask why.
Lets say you want to have a tiled back image with a stretched
transparent image overlay on top of the tiled image (gives some really
nice effects) you cannot repeat the background-image to tile it (as far
as I know) and you cannot add two border-images one on top of each other
as far as I know but you can add one background-image and one
border-image. Adding repeat and no-repeat would solve this issue.
This is a basic css command that I hope will be added please.
This would give us all the same options we had in gtk2 with overlay and
stretch (true or false) and all images stretch (true or false)
One of my biggest beefs is the lack of image options in the gtk3, you
can't even add an image in the grip, trying to match up the gtk3 to a
gtk2 is pretty much impossible because of it.
Please add more options to allow images in gtk3 (these should be allowed
everywhere, not just in some areas) There are a lot of areas where you
cannot add images at all, this makes it difficult to make some really
great themes and matching the gtk2 (actually you have to change a great
looking gtk2 to a more boring looking gtk3 because of it)
Adding repeat no-repeat and allowing images everywhere would solve this.
One more beef.
Opacity for icons and images.
I know we can make the artwork with transparencies and add these as pngs
but it would be nice to have a css opacity for icons and images allowed.
This would really be more for the icons that get added automatically
then it would be for the images themers place.
I am making a theme right now that has all the images transparent so the
background shows through, then theres the icons standing out like a sore
thumb at 100% I tried to add a css opacity command with no luck, just
would be nice to have that option also.
This would pretty much make it prefect as far as allowing images in the
shell and the gtk3.
End of beefs and request and begging for these options.

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