Drag and drop from browser to launcher is sporadic

I have Fedora 14 with Gnome 2.32.

I am trying to create a desktop Launcher that I can receive drag-n-drop url links from Firefox. I have a simple case working sporadically. Sometimes it works and most of the time it does not.

Sometimes I can drag a link and drop it on the Launcher and it works. Most of the time the drop never triggers the Launcher. Some links on a page seem to work consistently, other links never work.

If I drag-n-drop other objects from the Desktop or a Nautilus browser to the Launcher, the Launcher is always triggered. So it would seem that the Launcher and drag-drop is working.

If I drag and drop the url link onto the Desktop. The Link object always appears on the Desktop. So it would seem the Browser is doing its job correctly, too. It is only when I drop a link directly from the browser onto the Launcher that it fails sporadically. I have tried both Firefox and Seamonkey with similar results. When it does work, it seems to happen best when the browser is first started. After a few successes, it stops working.

Any suggestions on how to debug this? Is there a log somewhere that captures these events?

Here is the Launcher:
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=jsd sadhaskdh
Exec=testargs %%k= %k %%u= %u

Here is the Exec script:
echo PWD=$PWD $*
sleep 15
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