Could anyone tell me what in GNOME 3 fixes the incompatibility between my screen and video card ?


I've just tried the GNOME 3 live disk (OpenSUSE) today and found that it fixes a problem which has bothered me for a long time!

I got my laptop screen broken last year, and later replaced it with a new one. The new screen was a third-party one and was not produced by the laptop producer. It was incompatible with either my configuration or the NVIDIA Linux driver, since I got very ugly and completely not readable display at the login screen in Linux after installing the video driver from NVIDIA, but they worked very happily together in Windows.

I was convinced that my new, un-official, third-party screen(monitor) is not compatible with the video driver released by NVIDIA, until today I tried the GNOME 3 live disk finding that the acceleration works perfectly. 

I guess it's either because the GNOME 3 live CD is with new open source NVIDIA drivers, or because I was not using the proper configuration before and GNOME 3 live CD is just using the right configuration.

Could anyone tell me what happens in GNOME 3, or in this live CD, that makes me so happy with hardware acceleration working and seeing the beautiful UI on my poor laptop?

Here's some basic information:

Video Card: Nvidia Quadro NVS 140M
Live CD downloaded from:
Tried with: USB stick
Laptop Model: ThinkPad T61

It's the first time I post in this mailing list. If I have been in improper manner at some point, please excuse me and let me know :-)

THANKS in advance!

Warm regards,
Song Gao
School of Computer Science
China University of Geosciences(Wuhan)

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