Re: How to hibernate?

On 2011-06-14 08:58, Frederic Muller wrote:
> GNOME 3 allows easy customization through extensions. You can find
> currently available extensions here:
> I suppose this one should solve that problem:
> * alternative-status-menu : For those who want a power off item

Too bad, this is not yet packaged for Debian. OK, I can just
"sudo hibernate" :~)

I wonder, why the default GNOME3 desktop does not offer
Hibernate (to disk) anymore, but Suspend (to RAM)? I would have
taken away Suspend, not Hibernate, just for sake of saving
energy, because a suspended computer still eats electricity.
Everybody talks about saving energy these days, GNOME3 not?

I was under the (maybe wrong) impression, that almost all users
do hibernate their machines, and it sounds strange to me, that
they need to install an extension first and than have to press
an additional button, where before it was a first level menu.
When I have to press an additional button, I will miss it surely
every second time. Means, I have to switch the machine on again,
just to switch it off :~(

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