Binding 'cycle_panels' to Pause key

We are replacing aging suse 10 desktops with suse 11.  While migrating the configuration the Pause key, which was bound to 'cycle_panels', quit working.  We can rebind it to Alt+Pause or Ctrl+Pause and it works fine however, all of our users are trained to use just the Pause key.

When setting 'cycle_panels' to Pause, gnome errors with:

Window manager warning: Cannot bind "cycle_panels" to Pause: it needs a modifier such as Ctrl or Alt.
Window manager warning: Reverting "cycle_panels" to disabled.

Is there a way to work around this? I'm not sure if the old desktops had to have something custom done to them to make Pause work without a key modifier as that was done long before I started. 


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