Re: Starting a favourite application using the keyboard?

On 2011-12-26 12:19, W. Martin Borgert wrote:
> I'm using GNOME shell 3.2.1. How can I start one of my favourite
> applications from the left side vertical bar using the keyboard?
> When I press Alt+F1, I can see the bar with my favourites, but
> now I'm lost. I could not find a hint in the cheat sheet[1].

Solved by trying harder :~)

 1. Alt + F1
 2. Alt + Ctrl + Tab to see a horizontal list of elements

Now it comes to the acrobatic part:

 3. (a) keep Alt + Ctrl pressed, but leave Tab, instead use
    (b) cursor right together with Alt + Ctrl to select the
    "dash" (that's how the vertical bar is called)

Fortunately, I have ~20 years of Emacs (Escape Meta Alt Ctrl
Shift) experience...

IMHO, the last part is to difficult for most users. It would be
much easier, if after pressing and leaving Alt + Ctrl + Tab the
selection bar stays visible until user selects something or
presses Escape. Esp. for people with "movement disorders" (not
sure about the right term), who also have difficulties
navigating the mouse.

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