Let's make this a new Gnome entirely !?


I am looking for suggestions of where I can get this conversation going
with some people who would like to participate in such a conversation. 

I want to go forward not back.  I would like to see Gnome get rid of all
panels, task bars, and extraneous dodads in my work spaces.  I want
instead to use dockers, multiple dockers that I can call up by short cut
key, mouse motion or from the activities space.

I would like the dockers to have all the properties of a file, an icon,
a launcher and a panel or several different panels.  

I want to be able a new different docker on the Activities window, place
launchers and files in the docker and name it.  That way I can have a
main application running in a work space but also a docker that contains
subsidiary programs that I use often while working in that application.

I can then design or load dockers that would have applications or what
used to be applets that are apropos to the type of work I was doing
and/or the main application I was using.  I would have several different
kinds of these dockers to pick and choose from.

I would like the dockers to be made visible on my desktop/workspace the
same way I can make a main program visible.  I.E. drag and drop it in a
workspace in the activities window.

I would like the docker to appear on my workspace as a small icon that
could be opened like a file to see all of the subsidiary applications or
functions I have available to me.  I would like the docker not to be
restricted to a bar shape, but be able to re-size and re-shape it much
the same way as a application window by grabbing the edges or bottom
right corner.

There are many other considerations that could go into this design, but
essentially I would like to get rid of the desktop metaphor and instead
make my windows project and work oriented.  I do more than one kind of
thing on my computer.  I want to be able to easily write an article in
LibreOffice using all my tools such as dictionary, thesaurus and
character map for writing.  Then, say, switch to something completely
unrelated like working with music in another workspace and have a docker
for that that contained music subsidiary applications , or browsing the
internet.  I would like to have a docker where I kept all my system
tools.  The menu would serve me as the place to find the items I wanted
to put in my various dockers or to store programs seldom used.

Is anybody interested in this kind of concept and/or discussion?

Regards Bill
Fedora 15, Gnome 3.0.2
Evo.3.0.2, Emacs 23.2.1

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