Re: Is there a real Gnome users list somewhere that people could recommend?

On 08/21/2011 11:43 PM, William Case wrote:
> I am not usually snarky when I post.
> Bud I have been following the Gnome users list for several years now.
> There never seems to be any discussion about things Gnomish.  An
> occasional helpful response but no discussions etc. as occurs on other
> Linux program lists.
> Gnome3 has just been released.  There is lots to talk about, pro and
> con.  Lots of tips and tricks to trade.  Lots of thoughts and ideas
> about where users would like to see Gnome go next.  So far I see a grand
> total of 75 posts since Gnome3's release.
> Where can one go to get a conversation?  Maybe a live chat site?  Which
> one would be the most active?

Well I'd say lists and IRC channels running under the GNOME project are
mainly about development. Users usually tend to speak and share around
their distributions communication channels.

The GNOME developers have regular IRC meeting to talk about directions
(well, some do, some do it irregularly), do hackfests, meet at conferences.

I would maybe recommend the marketing list or the marketing IRC channel
but it's usually better to have a project in mind to participate (or
some marketing effort you'd like to join).

I personally feel I do quite a lot of things Gnomish, but they tend to
be oriented towards a goal, rather than just chatting and sharing.

Hope that helped you a little at least.


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