Re: Gnome3 -- liking it more each day.

On Tue, 2011-08-16 at 13:56 -0400, William Case wrote:
> I have temporarily had to turn the desktop icons on.  Prefer the clean
> look, but don't like opening several secondary applications or what used
> to be applets on the desktop at the same time.
> Can I have a favourites bar/file but different containing different
> applications associated with each work space.  

After using Gnome3 for about a week I really, really want a toolbox.  I
toolbox is an expansion of the idea presented above.

Here is how I see a toolbox working.  If I get approval or suggestions
for the idea I will file it with full details as a request for

A toolbox is no more than a file or container into which I could put
programs and applets which used to go on my panel.  The problem with the
panel was that I had to put all my 'tools' on the panel even though I
only used a few of them at a time depending on the project I was working
on.  I kept my projects separated on desktops or workspaces or

Going from desktop to overview to open one tool after another as I need
it is a bit of a PIA.  Putting all of my tools ahead of time is a messy

In overview:
a) I would be able to open a file with a toolbox icon and drag and drop
those 'tool' programs or applets that I use regularly for one type of
job or project. I could then close it with only the icon view of the
toolbox file showing.
b) The toolbox file icon would automatically be stored in the
applications (menu) view.
c) From the Applications view, if I wished, I could drag and drop the
file into the favourites bar/view, or replace the favourites bar
entirely with my toolbox file.
d) I could if I wished drag the toolbox file onto a desktop from either
the favourites bar or from the Applications view.

On the desktop:
1) when I opened a desktop containing a toolbox along with the major
application I was about to use, the toolbox icon would appear on the
desktop, not opened but as an icon.
2) when I needed an application from the toolbox I could click on it or
Alt+Tab to it and it would open displaying all my tools. 
3) within the toolbox file I could select an application or applet which
I could then click on or ALT-Tab to and run that tool application.
4) on closing the tool application it would be returned to the toolbox.
5) the toolbox when opened would be movable and reshape-able with the
usual handles.

With the above described 'toolbox' I could get all the extraneous icons
that I now have off of my desktop.  I could have only those tools which
I use most often for each kind of job or project handy. And I could have
the equivalent of a clean and simple panel that I could place anywhere
in in any shape I wished.

I think most of the elements of what I am asking for are already
available in Gnome3.

Regards Bill
Fedora 15, Gnome 3.0.2
Evo.3.0.2, Emacs 23.2.1

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