Quick web searcher using Epiphany and Google.

If I Alt+F2 and enter epiphany <search criteria> I can get epiphany to
open in google (my epiphany home page) with the search completed.  That
is so handy for checking definitions, history and names etc.  Is there
anything like that I can use in Gnome3.  I would want it to look exactly
like the 'run' launcher except I would not have to type in which browser
to use. Probably entered in a config file.  It would use a different
shortcut key of course.   I also used to use a bash alias from the
command line in a terminal -- still can but that is a couple of extra
steps if I am not using a terminal.

>From anywhere, any workspace, a shortcut key, then type a word, enter
and search completed in an open epiphany window.  If that kind of thing
doesn't exist could you suggest how I might make one? 
Regards Bill
Fedora 15, Gnome 3.0.2
Evo.3.0.2, Emacs 23.2.1

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