Re: Frustration -- can't find icon picker application ?? [SOLVED]

On 28 Jun 2010, at 17:56, William Case wrote:

> Thank you Calum.  I don't know why I couldn't find it again. Didn't
> think of searching for history-desktop-icon or anything like it.  Tried
> as many variations of 'icon' and 'launcher' as I could think of.  Spent
> three or four days, on and off, in utter frustration.  Some times its
> just the simple things in life.

Well, to be honest, it took me a while to find it too... I had no idea (nor could I have guessed) it was called history-desktop-icon either.  I eventually resorted to adding a few easily-recognisable pathnames to the history list, then just grepping my dotfiles for those pathnames.  I was actually surprised it was stored in gconf at all, some things like that used to be more commonly stored as plain text configuration files in ~/.gnome2 or elsewhere.


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