Enforcing compiz "RingSwitcher"

Hello there,

I got some advice that enabling the "Ring switcher" with
the Compiz config manager gives me what I am looking for:
the ability to select next/prev from ALL workspaces.

(actually: i was looking for some not that fancy, like 
what the static switcher is doing ... just for all
workspace instaed of just the current ...
I really dont need my windows to "vibrate" after 
I selected one and its brought to the front)

First I figured: OK, the config manager is doing all
sorts of checking ... but it doesnt check which level
of "visual effects" is enabled. And guess what ...
when the level is not "Extra" ... the ring switcher
is simply not enabled. Without telling me. Great.
Similiar when deselecting the "wobble window"
effect. I dont want that. Why do I need it for
ring switching?

With "extra", Ring switcher works pretty well ... but 
from time to time it seems like the "visual effects level" 
drops from "extra" to something "less". 
So, I loose ring switcher, and the static switcher
is enabled again. Without telling me or asking
if I appreciate.

Simple question: I would like to ALWAYS stay
at "extra"; and I would like Gnome to keep the
switcher active that I SELECTED. So - how do
I prevent gnome/compiz from changing MY decisions?


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