gnome-vfs-smb -> huge nested folder transfer failures

I have a fully updated Fedora-11 32 bit OS install. The problem I have is when copying a huge folder, a hundred or so nested folders inside the top level folder and around 13000 files for about 2.6 GB of data, over the local network using Nautilus to connect to a network share. The transfer gets anywhere from 700 MB to around 1 GB then fails. A few times I saw a message about some "dbus" time out error.

I can skip using Nautilus and use the KDE smb4k to do the transfer and it works just fine. The only difference seems to be gnome-vfs-smb is hanging when doing the transfer through Nautilus.

Has anybody experienced this problem and how do you fix it? I ended up pulling in half of the KDE desktop just to use smb4k which I really didn't want to do but I know it works.


Leland C. Scott

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