Run associated application question

Hi All,
I need that one application opens when I make double click on files associated with it. I do it by modifying the default applications from file's properties.(right click on the file, properties, etc.)
The strange thing is after that I can't open the application by double clicking the files.

I think the problem is that the application executes throw a shell script which requires a parameter, and when I associate the application with files (from file's properties) and see the command that will execute I see that there isn't such parameter.
To execute the application, the command line should be: /bin/bash /home/user/.local/bin/ %f

When I associate the application with files (from file's properties), the command line is:
  /bin/bash /home/user/.local/bin/

If I add the "%f" to the command line it works.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.

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