GNOME at BerkeleyTIP-Global meeting on Sunday April 18 12N-3P, & April 27

Hi GNOME People :)

Who is the manager for this list?
I put this global (via VOIP) group [BerkeleyTIP-Global] together, about
Free SW (inclding, of course, GNOME).
May I post the once per month meeting announcement to this list?
What is the main (largest subscriber readership) GNOME list?
Thanks :)

Come discuss GNOME. :)  Join via VOIP or come to Berkeley
FSCafe at Moffitt at UCBerkeley, opens 1pm, but can connect from outside
at 12N.

Hot topics: Ubuntu 10.04, Free Culuture, VOIP, Set up the web server &
mail list & asterisk/freeswitch on the BTIP box with Ubuntu 10.04?

Tues April 27 5-6P VOIP online meeting also.

Join the mail list, tell us what you're interested in.

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