Re: gnome-settings-daemon and Xft X resources

Okay, what's weird is that these Xft Xresources are still being set
even when I have disabled
gconf>apps>gnome_settings_daemon>plugins>xrdb>active. Sound like a
bug? (Setting it to active basically fixes my font issue, but also
floods my Xrm db with things I'm not sure I want.)

On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 5:30 PM, Tim Jones <tjones01 gmail com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm rather confused about the way gnome-settings-daemon (2.26.1)
> handles Xft settings. I've noticed that it likes to set some Xft X
> resources when it starts up. If I have the dpi key in
> gconf>desktop>gnome>font_rendering set to anything at all (125 for
> me), gnome-settings-daemon will set the X resource "Xft.dpi: 0". If I
> unset the dpi key in gconf, g-s-d will set Xft.dpi to (I think)
> whatever X is using, which for me turns out to be 124.69.... My
> question is, why would g-s-d set "Xft.dpi: 0" as in the previous case?
> Does this make any sense? Having this X resource causes my plain
> openbox (no metacity, no gnome) to have tiny, unreadable fonts. On the
> other hand, if I remove the dpi key in gconf, making g-s-d set Xft.dpi
> to 124, then my openbox looks normal, but my gtk apps get clunky big
> fonts. What am I to do? Presently it seems I have to make a choice
> between normal & readable openbox and clunky & ugly gtk, or unreadable
> openbox and normal gtk.
> I've tried to override Xft.dpi to 125 when openbox loads, but
> presumably due to the order in which g-s-d and openbox are loaded, my
> attempts have been ineffective. I guess I'd be happiest if g-s-d would
> just leave my X resources alone entirely. Changing them seems contrary
> to what I understand to be g-s-d's purpose anyway, i.e. a bridging of
> the multiple configuration spaces.

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