Re: Lost metacity and gnome panel

Dne, 24. 11. 2009 05:26:10 je John Jason Jordan napisal(a):
> I created a new user. Logging in as the new user I have the window
> manager and gnome panel. Conclusion: The problem is somewhere in my
> config files.

Not necessarily. Just a while ago I hade a weird keymap problem on a 
Lenny box which looked as if it was due to user configurations:
newly created users behaved differently than some older user 
accounts, which, in turn, behaved differently than the default account 
created during Lenny installation. In the end, however, the culprit 
turned out to be a missing line in xorg.conf!

Anyway, here's how I would proceed (but your situation may be different 
of course):

I'd create myself a new account, keeping the old non-working account as 
backup only. Then, instead of copying over the config files, I'd just 
manually reconfigure my new account to my liking. I know, it can be 
tedious, but ... Then, at my leisure, I'd copy over a config file from 
the old account to the new one and test it thoroughly (wait for a week 
or so, log in and out, preferably even reboot a couple of times). After 
thorough testing, I'd copy over another config file. And so on. 
Hopefully, you only have a couple of config files complex enough to be 
worth copying over; as for the rest, you may be better off recreating 
them from scratch.

P.S. Your ~/.config subtree is also worth checking out (besides .gconf,
.gconfd,.gnome, .gnome2 and so on)


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