Re: Lost metacity and gnome panel

I had a similar situation a while back, but with my 32 bit Debian testing. Not sure if any if my investigations will help, but here are two email threads that may give you some direction.
Sorry, it is late here and I have to be gone early in the am, or I would have done a better job of summarizing the information for you....

On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 9:26 PM, John Jason Jordan <johnxj comcast net> wrote:
I have a brand new installation of Debian testing amd64. After spending
a day and a half installing apps and configuring stuff, I rebooted.
After logging in I had no window manager and no gnome panel.

Faced with a blank screen, I can open a terminal and start them both
manually, and then everything is fine.

I created a new user. Logging in as the new user I have the window
manager and gnome panel. Conclusion: The problem is somewhere in my
config files.

I copied my .gnome2, .gnome2_private and .gconf files to the new user's
home folder, then logged back in as the new user. The new user still
has metacity and gnome-panel. I also deleted
my .gnome2, .gnome2_private and .gconf files so they would be recreated
on logging in. They were recreated as expected, but I still had no
metacity or gnome-panel. Conclusion: The problem is somewhere in my
configuration, but not in .gconf, .gnome2 or .gnome2_private.

Using Synaptic I did a complete removal of gnome-panel and metacity and
all their dependencies and related files. Then I reinstalled them.
After logging out and back in again I still have no metacity or

I have spent hours googling trying to figure out exactly what script or
config file launches metacity and gnome-panel after a user logs in.
That information must be a state secret.

I sure hope someone can offer some suggestions. Else I'll have no
choice but to give up on Gnome and go to KDE or something else. I just
can't spend the rest of my life trying to fix Gnome.
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