gnome-settings-daemon making lots of calls to ioctl


I hope I'm posting to the proper forum. Please let me know where I should post if this is incorrect.

We have a Dual Processor Quadcore X4150 with 64GB of ram and 100 sunray desktop units running on solaris express developer edition snv_111(Gnome 2.24.2).

We have noticed that there are 56 gnome-settings-daemon running. Some of them will make about 1000000 calls to ioctl about every 10 seconds.

We used topsyscall and topsysproc from the DTrace Toolkit to figure that out. Load averages oscillate between 14 and 30. Unfortunately the high end of the load average trends up as new users login.

Could someone shed some light on where else we should look to try to find the culprit?


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