a question about glib command option parser

Hello, folks:

I try to use glib to make my work convenient. After reading manual, I have several questions.

1. there is a API as follows:
gboolean g_option_context_parse              (GOptionContext *context,
                                                         gint *argc,
                                                         gchar ***argv,
                                                         GError **error);
if the function return FAIL, it will give some information in error parameter. But from example listed in the manual, caller is not required to allocate memory to hold error message. so my question is: does the caller have to call free function to free the memory allocated in the API? 
2. a similar question for the following API. Does the caller have to free the memory pointed by argvp, error?
gboolean g_shell_parse_argv   (const gchar *command_line,
                                                         gint *argcp,
                                                         gchar ***argvp,
                                                         GError **error);

Any advice is appreciated. 

Jiang XingFeng

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