gnome-screensaver on a smartphone


i'm trying to set up gnome-screensaver for a smartphone.
to achieve the well-known behaviour of dimming halfway some time before blanking, an extra stage before blanking is necessary.

when i played around with dbus a bit, i discovered that there is already such a thing: member=SessionPowerManagementIdleChanged.

sadly, after SessionPowerManagementIdleChanged true was sent but while the screensaver is still inactive, neither activity nor gnome-screensaver-command -a or -d trigger any dbus message. i guess SessionPowerManagementIdleChanged false would be most straight forward (though a SessionIdleChanged false or an ActiveChanged false would do the job, too). this means that undimming on activity before the blank event occured can't work.

i guess this is a bug - or did i miss something?

and while i'm at it:
- i didn't find the gconf path to configure the 'SessionPowerManagementIdleChanged' timeout - where is it? - minute-granularity for the timeouts is kind of too coarse on a smartphone - esp. for the dimming and blanking events - isn't it? couldn't that be changed to seconds instead?

kind regards,


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