Lotus Symphony messed up the icons of ODF files. How to restore?

Hi. I have a problem with the icons for ODF files. I had Lotus Symphony
installed and removed it again promptly (what a terrible app!). When it
was installed, it changed the icons of ODF files to match it's own
icons. After removing Symphony again the standard icons that Gnome uses
out of the box were not restored. I now have these terrible (XPM?) icons
instead: http://www.jejik.com/sander/temp/odf-icon.png

Does anyone know how to restore the original icons? How does
Gnome/Debian map icons anyway? The filetype itself does seem to work.
When I click on an ODF file OpenOffice.org opens as it did before
SYmphony was installed.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Sander Marechal

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