Unicode input using ctrl+shift in vte/gnome-terminal

Hi all.

In gnome-terminal 2.14.2 (which uses vte 0.12.2), I can input unicode
characters by holding down the control key and the shift key
simultaneously and tapping out the hex code for the unicode codepoint
that I want. (For reference, these are the versions that ship with
Debian Etch)

For example, <ctrl>+<shift>+20ac gives me a euro symbol, or
<ctrl>+<shift>+30db gives me the Katakana letter ho.

I've put a screencast of this feature here in case anyone wants proof
that it works:

Now I'm trying to use the same feature on Debian Lenny, which ships
with gnome-terminal 2.22.3 (which uses vte 0.16.14), but I cannot make
this feature work anymore.

Has this feature been removed, or is it just a bug with my setup?

Many thanks, Jaime :-)

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