Re: LDAP issue

> What did you actually migrate?

My whole NIS user's database.

Might it be some DNS or nsswitch problem?

DNS? It was the first thing that I've tried. I thought about some reverse DNS issue... but, there's nothing to do with my DNS server.

Nsswitch seems to be ok.

passwd:     ldap files
group:      ldap files
hosts:      files dns
networks:       files
services:       files
protocols:      files
rpc:        files
ethers:     files
netmasks:       files
netgroup:       files
bootparams:     files
automount:      files
aliases:        files

It's quite weird because all my Gnome stations has started with that problem after my LDAP's starts.

Any other machine (Window Maker, KDE, Windows, etc) works fine.

Brazil - Rio de Janeiro

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