data base for desktop data (couchdb?)

Hello there!

I am writing this message because for some time i have been seeing every gtk application (or gnome application) to use its own data backend. a
few examples:
- evolution has tasks, notes, calendar, email and contacts trough
evolution-data-server (right?)
 - tomboy has notes
 - GTG has tasks

so, if i have a task in evolution, i don't have it in GTG. A note in
tomboy does not appear in evolution.

I don't really know if couchdb is going to provide these features, but i
think it is time to have a real unified data backend.

The same happens with feed readers, etc, etc, etc.

Evolution, for example, is a big FAT app, but it has all in the same
But, there are other things that we can have having diferent apps running
at the same time, mainly applets such as tomboy's.

so ... what are you're opinions?

Luis Matos

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