Re: How do I get my typing monitor icon back?

    >> I have two computers on my desk running Solaris 10, more-or-less
    >> identically configured (a consequence of our NFS environment at
    >> work), running Sun's Java Desktop System, which is, I believe, really
    >> Gnome.

    Calum> Yes, it's GNOME 2.6.

    Calum> Just looking at JDS on my Sun Ray here, it looks like you go to
    Calum> the Typing Break tab in Prefs>Desktop Prefs>Keyboard>Behavior,
    Calum> and check the "Lock screen to enforce typing break" box.

    Calum> That adds a (rather bad) icon to the status notification area of
    Calum> the lower panel-- so make sure you actually have a status
    Calum> notification applet on the panel too, otherwise you won't see the
    Calum> icon.

Thanks.  Found that.  The checkbox was already checked though.  Still no
typing monitor.  I do have the status notification gizmo (about says, "Panel
Notification Area 2.6.1") but it's empty.  I deleted and recreated it.  I
even created a new panel and added one to it.  Still no typing monitor

Thanks for the help.

Skip Montanaro - skip pobox com -
        "XML sucks, dictionaries rock" - Dave Beazley

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