How do I get my typing monitor icon back?

I have two computers on my desk running Solaris 10, more-or-less
identically configured (a consequence of our NFS environment at work),
running Sun's Java Desktop System, which is, I believe, really Gnome.

For more than a year I have had the Gnome Typing Monitor in my panel.
I can pop up the preferences, take breaks, all the usual stuff.  Not
long ago my main computer was upgraded to Solaris 10 Update 5.  the
typing monitor stuff disappeared from my panel.  I've tried logging
out and in but it's still gone.  For the time being I'm manually
running gnome-typing-monitor in the background, but I've obviously
lost the ability to control it and can't figure out how to add it back
to the panel.  I've searched through the entire panel menu hierarchy
but can't find anything to add.

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